Peer Review Process

After submission, the paper will be reviewed by the Editor of Bulletin of Information Technology (BIT). The Editor will decide whether the manuscript fits the Scope and Focus and is suitable to be forwarded to the Reviewer. Occasionally, the Editor may also recommend Revisions before it is forwarded to the Reviewer this process usually takes up to one week.

Submissions that pass the initial review will be assigned at least two reviewers. Based on the first Reviwer the editor will make an editorial decision.

There are five possible editorial decisions (1) the manuscript is accepted, (2) revised, (3) resubmitted, (4) sent to another publisher, or (5) rejected. Usually, the time frame for submission to the first editor of the results averages 2-5 weeks. The time to reach a final decision depends on the number of review rotations, perceptive authors etc. Typically, the time frame of submissions with a final decision averages 4-6 weeks